Experiencing the sublimity of the mountains and participating in the mind expanding activities which engage the body and free the mind are the foundation of my work. My most recent paintings - vivid atypical landscapes - highlight nature’s intricacies with a bold palette, smooth colour blending and concise brushstrokes.

Originally from rural Ontario, Hayley studied fine art at the Ontario College of Art & Design. Toronto's culturally rich metropolis, although inexhaustibly energetic, left a void in her style. She migrated west lured first by the ocean to Tofino and later by the mountains to Golden, and now Revelstoke, BC. In these flourishing landscapes, Hayley developed a voice synchronized to the natural aesthetics of the world.


Hayley’s most influential discoveries as an artist were made exploring the beautiful and vast wilderness of Western Canada.  In these inspiring settings she became vividly aware of some peculiar connections. A glance at nature reveals an overwhelming diversity. However, it turns out patterns and forms are repeated and the immense variety that nature creates emerges from the workings and reworking’s of only a few formal themes. 

Hayley’s process begins on canvas with aerosol paint. There are typically two stages; chaos & order.  Phase one, is explorative and expressive. Aerosol paint is applied, using a variety of techniques, with no intentions or foresights of the outcome. The second phase, is much more deliberate & controlled. She sketches, maps and plans the foreground, with meticulous detail. This contrast in her work creates balance & visual complexity. Common in all her work, is the use of bold colour.  Hayley has an undeniable and insatiable attraction to saturated colour.  Fascinated by the beauty, mystery & behaviours of animals, the appearance of intriguing creatures is common in her works as well. 


Continuously exploring new processes, techniques, and mediums, Hayley aims not only for her pieces to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to draw attention to the beautiful details in life that are sometimes overlooked. 

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