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Experiencing the sublimity of nature & participating in the mind-expanding activities - which engage the body and free the mind - are the foundation of my work.  'It was all a Dream' is about the elevated sense of consciousness that I experience in the exotic natural world as well as the power of manifestation. 


My exhibit - a large body of vivid wildlife & atypical landscape paintings - highlights nature’s intricacies with a bold palette, smooth colour blending and the use of both painterly & concise brushstrokes. Through layers of acrylic & aerosol paint, I intend to transport the viewer on both intimate and grand scales into the tropical scenery of the Yucatan, Mexico.


2020 had a very bright start, ringing in the new year with a trip to the Yucatan & fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine - to learn how to kite board. The combination of exhilarating sport + breathtaking backdrop was a dream come true. The Yucatan Peninsula, known for its tropical jungles, rainforests & exotic wildlife, is a sensuous place. A riot of colour, air heavy with humidity, the taste of salt on the lips & wind in the hair. The enthralling landscape with crashing turquoise waves & lush green vegetation is as abundant in texture & colour as The Yucatan is rich in history & vibrant in culture.


Perhaps a common ‘kitschy’ theme (tropical art), I recall some of my earliest works (during my childhood while vacationing with my family), being sunsets & palm trees. Revisiting this subject matter with my unique perception, approach & a much more sophisticated style has been an absolute pleasure. 


Painting allows me to leap the barriers of language and share the abundance of inspiration I feel when immersed in nature. The goal for this show was simple - ‘Bring the Heat’.

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